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Have I told you that I ALWAYS answer my phone when it rings, even if I don’t know the number? Well, I’m telling you now. I always answer my phone, even when I’m 99% sure the random number showing up on my phone screen is a telemarketer. Because 1% of the time it’s not a telemarketer on the other end, it’s someone like Ross.

A few months I ago I answered one of these phone calls in the middle of the afternoon. I was SURE I was about to hear someone mention how I can get out of student loan debt in 1 day if I just give them access to my bank account and say 3 magic spells. Instead, it was a quiet-spoken guy named Ross who was looking for a photographer to shoot his proposal. He had all of the details planned out months in advance, but I could hear the nervous excitement already in his voice. This is hands down one of my very favorite parts of my job. Being a part of secret proposal plans has to rank HIGH in the list of SUPER EXCITING THINGS TO DO. It goes without saying that Ross and I hit it off well and we started making plans.

Ross chose to propose to Taylor at Ponce City Market, the place where they first met. As with each proposal I’ve shot, I met him there a few weeks before the actual proposal date to make a plan, pick out a good spot, and do a dry run of the event. Proposers are ALWAYS nervous on the the big day, and it’s good to have a concrete plan we’ve already acted out previously.

TODAY WAS THE DAY. I’m always nervous and jittery before shoots – especially proposals. The unpredictability of it all is scary but thrilling. To add even more drama to mix, Atlanta was hit by a snow storm yesterday that resulted in a blanket of 9 inches of snow covering most of the greater metro area. Atlantans forget how to drive or act when there’s a drop of rain; add in some snow and the city goes into crisis mode. However, weather that could’ve canceled the entire thing ended up making Ross’s proposal that much more special. The plan was to meet in front of one of the shops at Ponce City Market and I’d follow them discreetly out to the previously decided proposal spot. At 11:15 I was waiting in the spot where we’d discussed I’d be. When Ross and Taylor walked in, Ross and I briefly made eye contact and then I looked back down at my phone. I had my ear buds in pretending to listen to music because I was totally committed to my part of “Inconspicuous Shopper” in this whole production.

Feeling like a secret agent, I followed them through the market as we headed out to the Beltline. I ducked behind columns and stalked around corners. James Bond has NOTHING on me, you guys.

We reached the proposal spot, Ross oriented the two of them so I could capture it perfectly, and he proposed. (OH MY WORD CAN YOU HEAR ME HEAVY BREATHING OMG THIS WAS THE MOST EXCITING THING EVER) She said yes!

If you’ve followed along in this story so far, you must be thinking to yourself, “HOW COULD IT POSSIBLY BE ANYMORE EXCITING?” You all just wait: Ross really is that good. The proposal was only Part 1 of the surprise for Taylor. Part 2 was a celebration brunch with all of her family and his who had defied Atlanta’s 2017 Snowpocalypse and flown in from Ohio and Michigan just to celebrate face to face. Her best friend Julia even came all the way from New York City for the surprise. I hung out with them long enough to catch their reactions, some candid shots, and some group shots of the family. After that I sneaked out to let them have their time together.

Proposals are the best. Love is the best. I have the best job in the whole world.



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You captured them perfectly! I feel like I know them even though I don’t. What a perfect day!


Congratulations!!!!! What a sweet couple!!!

Kristi James

These are gorgeous! You really caught the moment so perfectly!!! How exciting! Congratulations to the couple!!!!


OMG KEVIN! These are incredible. You do your job so damn well and your love for it shows. You captured the emotion perfectly and I could hear her cry/laugh when scrolling through


Holy love story! These are so incredible!! You are a gift!!!

Lindsey Paradiso

These had me goofy smiling. Omg. They are the CUTEST!!!!

I KNOW RIGHT. So flipping cute.


What gorgeous photos of my brother and future sister in law’s engagement! You did a spectacular job capturing this special day!!

Thank you so much!! I hope we get to work together again! <3

Holly A Castillo

These are seriously amazing- I love the whole story it tells from beginning to end!


Absolutely amazing images!!! These couldn’t be more perfect!!!!! Congratulations going out to the happy couple! ❤️❤️


Absolutely amazing images!!! These couldn’t be more perfect!!!!! Congratulations going out to the happy couple! ❤️❤️


I wanted to bully you as a joke, but these are very very good and I like them a lot.


So many emotions!! I can never get enough of your work! so much soul, I am always so inspired! 2018 GOALS!

Grant Hobgood

This is such an adorable set, Kevin! Your crushed it and they look amazing.


Kevin! These are so amazing. I especially love her reactions and the b + w intimate ones. What a gift you gave them.


Wow, what a story, these are fantastic!

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