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Can we just talk for moment how cool it is when other industry professionals hire you to shoot their own events? Jaime and Clay are both videographers who’ve both shot their fair share of weddings. They know this business, they know what they want, and they get the process. It’s SO cool and I feel so honored that they picked ME to photograph their wedding! And on top of being great in their artistic endeavors, they’re just cool, down to earth people. Not going to lie, I was a little sad leaving their cute little house. I wanted to keep hanging out all evening!

We made some really sweet photos in their home in Decatur. Here are some of my favorites. <3 Jaime and Clay are getting married this fall, and I CANNOT WAIT.


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Cassie Cook

KEVIN! You have it again <3
Just by looking at your photos I feel like I know these two personally. You captured their personalities and their home together so perfectly. You are the king of intimate in home sessions!

Ashley Benham

Omg obsessssssssssed! It is such a compliment when you get other wedding professionals to hire you! Also I am so glad you got all those kitty shots cause they are just TOOOO precious! Gritty, adorable, and real. Love your work, Kevin!

Thank youuuuuuu! Their cat was hilarious – like a dog really. So fun! And thank you!

Kelly Ginn

Wow. Your black and white is hauntingly beautiful and this couple looks incredible. Wonderful work!

Wow, thank you so much!! I’m having a bit of a love affair right now with b/w, and I have to make myself edit color photos!! haha.

Shelby Prince

I’m in love with this! Talk about the most adorable couple! I love the intimacy of in home sessions! I feel like you perfectly captured every detail of their life together! Great work!

Thank you so much! They were SO sweet and cute to work with!

Emilie G Gates

I might want bangs now.

Whitney Daniels

Kevin, these are beautiful. So real. I love the little things like the broom on the front porch. Nothing about these feel staged and there is so much beauty in a broom on a front porch that you frequent together! Okay, I’ll stop talking about that broom, but seriously, these are gorgeous!

Wow, thank you so much, Whitney! That was so sweet of you to say. This is why I love in-home sessions. There is such beauty in every day normal life.


This is such a thoughtful series. They will now be able to treasure this season of life for life <3


These have such an intimate feel, I love it. Your work is amazing.

Lisa Sulzbach

I absolutely adore your work!! In home sessions are so wonderfully personal and intimate and I feel like I really get the vibe of this couple. Super sweet!

Angela Wingard

Gorgeous work! And yay for Decatur, I just moved from there but it holds a special place in my heart! #communityovercompetition


I LOVE at-home sessions! These photos are so intimate and romatic. Beautiful work!

Tyshawnna Reann

I’m obsessed with this! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!


I love how beautiful and intimate you make everything look!

Bianca Thompson

These are all so lovely!!!!


Wow these are all so perfect!

Hannah Bishop

Kevin you are amazing! These in home sessions are perfect!


LOVEEEE this lifestyle session, so gorgeous.


OMG THAT CAT IS SO CUTE. But freal, these photos are great!

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