Just ask me how much I love to share my knowledge with other photographers.

I remember what it was like to start out; I wanted to consume resources from other photographers I admired and ask them a million questions! I also remember learning quickly that the best way to avoid burnout and keep creativity flowing was to pursue a passion project that totally captivated me. The Skin Like Dawn Project is ultimately what spurred on this educational aspect of my career and it is such a privilege to share my knowledge with other artistic humans.

The fact I LOVE to teach comes with zero surprise to me– I have a degree in education so I am quite an enthusiastic teacher. The best part of teaching is watching people learn new skills, gain a new perspective, and welcome a challenge to try something different.


To be honest, I don’t believe anything I do is rocket science… science was never my strong point. Any photographer can do what I do with the right tools and folks around them for support. I truly believe in community over competition and that we are all better together; learning from each other, sharing our struggles and giving each other epic high fives when we want to celebrate!

I only charge for this knowledge because it cost me money to learn it. Learning how to put a price on what you offer is one of the biggest struggles of photographers! I value the knowledge I have and know it will be a worthwhile investment for you.

I can’t wait to work with you!


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Mentoring Sessions

for the curious souls that are ready to explore deeper