Who wants to get hot and heavy...

….about photography?

Horrible (amazing) jokes aside, there is no better way to really learn than to immerse yourself fully in the presence of another human.

We will start our day addressing any main areas you have questions in. Nothing is off the table and we can discuss any aspect of your business or photography as you’d like! Next we shoot a styled session that I have arranged while I demonstrate how I prompt clients for authentic interaction or to be confident in their vulnerability. Once we are done with our session, we edit a few of the photos together so you can see my process and, once again, we talk through anything you want to discuss.

This session has been created for the photographer who is looking for that intense, information heavy and hands on session where we work together to enhance your skills and get you moving forward! If you want to focus on editing, we will be sure to schedule our day so our bulk of time is after our shoot. If you are all about workflows and processes, we’ll curate our day to cater to how that best plays out.

Before this session, we will have a meeting (in-person or via the magic of technology) where we can discuss your goals; what you hope to get out our time together, how you define success, and I can hear where you’re at with your photography. This exploratory time together helps me understand you more and helps us choose a few main points to focus on during our time together so I can best prepare for how I can assist you.

As I’ve said before, no topic is off the table! Common areas of discussion in the past have focused on prompts specifically with vulnerability and challenging the stereotypical definition of what boudoir sessions should be, working together through my workflow and best practices for client care, creating presets, attracting your ideal client, client retention and delivery! While there are some of the more common areas I’ve worked with previous students on, I want to remind you that nothing is off the table! I’m an open book!

Let's Connect!

What is Included:
-6 full hours together to tackle the areas of photography and business that you need the most help with.
-One-on-one shoot together
-Post shoot workflow
-Review of your website and social media

It’s going to be so much fun I can hardly contain myself. To learn more or to book, email hello@kevinlowery.com.