Top 7 Reasons To Have Your Engagement Session At Home

If you’ve even talked to me for 5 seconds about an engagement shoot, you know that I feel so strongly about how amazing it is to do your engagement session in your own home. Honestly, what’s better than hanging out at home in your pj’s while drinking coffee and listening to your favorite album on repeat with your bae? The answer is obviously nothing.

I love when couples do their engagement sessions at home SO MUCH that I’m writing a blog about it. That’s right. I’m writing an entire piece devoted to the ‘cause ya’ll need to hear and really understand. Take a look below at my top 7 reasons to do your engagement session in-home.

Reason 1 – You’re Comfortable

Isn’t this an obvious one? When you have your engagement session in your own home, it’s apparent right away to me how much more comfortable the couple is. Your home is your space– it’s where you feel most safe, most vulnerable, and are most comfortable to just be you! Being comfortable (or un-comfortable) shows in your photos. I want you as comfortable as possible so your photos look natural.

Reason 2 – Less Pressure

If you’re one of the people who would say to me “I’m not photogenic” or “I’m not good at getting my picture taken”, running around to locations where we can’t guarantee no one will be around could be MAJORLY stressful! This is definitely a perk of having your session in your home. There is less pressure to perform and you can ease into the fact that just being you is all we need to make the most of your photo session.

Reason 3 – Documentary Style

Doing an in-home session for your engagement is a beautiful way to document this EXACT moment in your lives– where you live, your favorite things to do together and how you spend time together in your home. The things we surround ourselves with speak to who we are in this moment; our interests, our passions and what we find value in. Doing your session in-home can capture incredible moments that you can look back on and see your humble beginnings and how your love made a house feel like home.

Reason 4 – Outfit Changes

Doing an in-home session means we can play dress up! And by dress up, I mean we can make sure you’re in something comfortable that works well with the space and your partner. As much as I love to prepare beforehand for a session, which includes working with you to select the best outfits, there’s an ease that comes with knowing we are in your home so a quick switch out of a shirt or a piece of jewelry is no biggie!

Reason 5 – No Outfit At All!

Yup! I went there! In your home, you can take it off, hop under your sheets in your skivvies, and get cozy as I document a more intimate side to your love that we wouldn’t have the chance to document if you were anywhere else! These tender moments together make the most beautiful images to frame and hang in your bedroom.

Reason 6 – Your Pets!

Fun fact: Kevin Lowery Photography started off as a pet photography business. SO, basically, I love your pet(s) and I want your furry family member as part of your photos! Your pet can make for some HILARIOUS photos and they liven up every moment! Let their personality shine and who knows, you might just have the best pet photo to enter into one of those ‘cutest pet’ contests!


Reason 7 – Authenticity

It’s much easier to be your most authentic self when in your own space. I don’t want a primped and polished ‘I’m in photos so I gotta look good’ version of you. I want the real you. I want the you your partner fell madly in love with and is excited to be with forever. Your partner is taking all parts of you to be with forever; the goofy you, the raw you, the sassy you, the funny you, the quiet you, the unique you. I want to see how you make coffee together in the morning. I want to see how you look at each other when the other one isn’t looking with love in your eyes. I want that authenticity that makes your images worth looking at again and again for years to come.

One of my favorite shoots that I ever had done of me and my family was by my friend Katie Forbis who came and hung out with us for a weekend in our home. Some of my favorite photos from the shoot are us just hanging out in our pajamas, my son in his diaper. The house is a mess, the dogs are wandering around in and out of the photos, and I can’t even describe how much they just feel like us. These are the kinds of photos I will cherish most as my son grows older and our family journeys on together. I wish I had done more of these kind of photos when it was just me and my husband before we had our son! However, now that I know just how meaningful it is to have photos of our home that are representative of our every day life, we’ll do these sessions regularly. See one of my favorites from that session below of me and my son.



The images I take for my couples in their homes carry with them that same weight of memory and love. It’s humbling to look back on your first home, it’s refreshing to see how vibrant your tastes were or how simple life was. These moments won’t last forever and they are worth saving to look back on with laughter and love as your love story continues to grow with each passing day.

Are you interested in booking your own in-home photos? Reach out and let’s get a date on the calendar! <3





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