Urban Engagement Session | Downtown Atlanta, GA

In my first FaceTime meeting with Kiersten and Shaka, I knew we’d click really fast and be a perfect match. We shot their engagement (#engagementragement) photos in downtown Atlanta. Kiersten had a list of thoughtfully planned out questions about my process, and Shaka only said, “dude I like you. We’ll make pretty pics together.” Before the shoot, Kiersten told me that even though she loved the industrial look I’ve really been featuring a lot lately, she wanted to try to incorporate some big pops of color because Shaka loves color. I am SO glad she asked because it forced me a bit outside my comfort zone and had me look for some spots that I wouldn’t normally find myself in.

Kiersten is so sweet, intentional, and graceful. Shaka is in many ways the perfect compliment to her. He’s a huge goofball, laughs a lot, and will always try something new – like joining a homeless person who approached us in song (see below). You can tell how much love each other because they were constantly stealing glances at the other. Their love is real and so evident in these photos. I had them start out the shoot by writing 3 things about the other that they love and are proud of. At the very end of the shoot, I gave them back their homework and had them read it aloud to each other. See the photos below for their sweet reactions.



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