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It seems like everyone has a blog these days. And that’s for a good reason. If your business is the leading lady in an epic romantic comedy, Instagram is the super glamorous friend always on an exotic beach looking fabulous, your portfolio is the super smart friend who executes with perfection and your blog is the super-sociable friend who somehow knows everyone and can get you anything, anywhere at any time. Every good leading character has a friend like this– she’s the gal pal who introduces you to your soon-to-be romantic interest, the one who can get you into that sneaky VIP access only place and who will probably help him pick out the ring because let’s face it, we all knew that is where this rom-com was headed.

From this description, you should totally understand the vital importance of blogging. Without it, you’ll get by (maybe) but with it, you’ll flourish. Blogging is the best way to take everything that makes your business what it is and show off all the facets of what you’re doing. There’s not a lot better for you that can help your business and your brand more than blogging regularly (and, ya know, supplementing with newsletters, etc).

I’m sharing with you my top 3 reasons why you should be blogging!

1 – Boost your SEO

Boosting your SEO is one of the best reasons to use blogs! If your website is stagnant, no one is going to find it. You need regular visitors who hang out on your website for an extended amount of time to boost those Google ratings and improve your SEO.

Here’s the shortest rundown of SEO ever for you– SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Basically, the internet takes into consideration the content you’re posting, along with the keywords you use and the location tags you are using, and match that with how often people are visiting and staying on your website to give you a ranking. This ranking can help keep you at the top of the list when someone googles a topic like ‘why should I blog as a photographer?’ or ‘best wedding photographers in YOUR CITY’. SEO is really as simple as using keywords and ensuring what you’re blogging about is something people ACTUALLY want to learn about. This means people come to your website, stick around for longer than 30 seconds, and improve your ability to be found on the internet.

Using SEO strategically (via the names of your blog posts, the quality of your copy, alt texts, and tagging) will help your blog posts be seen by the clients that you want when they’re searching for a photographer, which brings me to my next point…..

2 – Draw in new clients!

This seems pretty obvious, but blogging can help you gain new clients! Blog a client wedding, complete with EPIC GIFs and you’re setting the stage for what a client can expect from you. Portfolios are great, but they are often hand-picked photos that are just a photo– they don’t tell the whole story the way a blog does. An entire client session will tell the story, and the words to introduce the blog will do a lot for it too! You can impart your personality and your take on the love story you photographed. Potential clients can read those heartfelt words you wrote, look at the images, rewatch the GIF’s OVER AND OVER AND OVER again, and can get an honest feel for what it would be like to have YOU as their photographer.

I like to think of blog posts as mini advertisements for future clients LIKE the ones featured in your blog post. For instance, when you blog a beautiful wedding on a farm, it’s like taking an advertisement out in your newspaper that says, “HEY ENGAGED COUPLES WHO WANT TO GET MARRIED ON A FARM! Here’s what I can do for you! Pretty, eh?” Only instead of your local newspaper, it’s Google. And instead of your local barber reading it, it’s a global community of people who are LOOKING FOR MAKERS LIKE YOU.

And while we are talking GIF’s, GIF’s are the magical little piece of the puzzle that blend SEO and drawing in new clients. GIF’s make people stay on your website longer (hello, SEO) and bring to life the actual moments you photographed for your clients. GIF’s are basically my way to pretend I’m not just a muggle and actually live in the wizarding world (and really, I love them so much I wrote a whole blog post about them).

I love GIF’s and I know you’ll love them, too! I love them so much I actually created a little course you can purchase to help you on the road to GIF (read: magic) success. Check it out here.

3 – Building a Community

Blogging, when partnered with social media and newsletters, can build an epic community that grows together. You become someone who can share knowledge with others and those who read your blog come together to grow around and with you. If you’re a wedding photographer, you can grow your community (and pool of potential clients) by writing helpful blog posts on how to make wedding day planning easier, or what your favorite wedding venues are and why, or any other general education around wedding photography that makes their hiring you easier. If you’re a boudoir photographer, you can blog about the experience, what it’s like, and why it’s scary but empowering. You can even blog for other photographers! Sharing your knowledge, what works for you, why certain aspects of what you are are important or providing those tips and tricks is beneficial for building a community of photographers who actually want to learn and grow. If you start offering workshops (because let’s face it – everyone’s offering a workshop these days), selling resources or hosting events, you’ll already have a lineup of loyal people in your community who want to support you. They’ll think to themselves ‘hey, this photographer has helped me out a lot with the content they’ve posted, I want to invest back into them’. Replying to comments on your blog, answering questions people in a sharable blog to get everyone information they ask about often and more are all simple ways a blog can grow your community.

Your blog does not just have to be a cookie cutter photography blog that only contains the work you shoot. It can be an extension of YOU and what you have to offer your community, your clients, your colleagues.

I know there are SO MANY MORE things I could write about why blogging is so great but it really all comes down to those three main points. Since I started blogging regularly with content for my clients and potential clients, and content for other photographers, it’s been evident why blogging really does make a difference. Do you blog? What have you found to be beneficial about blogging? If you aren’t blogging yet, what’s stopping you? Share your answers and let’s help each other out!

Do you feel like you need more information? I taught a blogging course at the Unraveled Academy, an online photography school. It’s only $15/month, and for that you get access to their AMAZING library of photography courses, including at 3 classes that I’ve taught. CLICK HERE to go check that out. <3 

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