Cassie & Michael’s Intimate, Woodsy Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Photography

When I was asked by Cassie and Michael to photograph their wedding, I was floored.¬†Terrified also, I’ll admit. Other than being the adorable couple in the photos below, Cassie and Mike are also the brilliant wedding photographer duo behind The Warmth Around You. And as if it could be more intimating to shoot the wedding of amazing wedding photographers, these are two of the kindest, most lovable people I’ve ever met. Getting to be their friend is probably the best part of this entire arrangement for me, and even though there’s a part of me inside screaming “Kevin you aren’t as good as they are YOU SHOULD GO EDIT ALL THESE IMAGES AGAIN RIGHT NOW QUICK” there’s a bigger part of me is that is so honored to give them the gift of wedding photos from their big day.

Cassie and Mike did it right. They decided to have an intimate, sweet wedding with just the folks who matter most. No frills or fuss – just great people and amazing food. They got ready together in the morning, and at the end of the night there was no send off. They just jumped out of their wedding clothes and into their swim suits to get in the hot tub with their best friends. What I’ve noticed about weddings like these is just how loud the quiet moments are. It seems like when you strip a wedding down to just its bare bones – just the love and commitment of imperfect but striving hearts – you make so much more room for the small, quiet moments to sing. Like the hug Cassie and her mom shared after exchanging gifts and the sigh they both let out as they took in the weight of the moment, the little looks that Mike stole of Cassie throughout the day totally in awe of how beautiful she was, the warmth of the hugs Cassie’s grandfather was giving out all day long.

Weddings generally follow the same format. You get ready, you attend a ceremony, then you party with some photos sprinkled around throughout the day. Weddings by themselves are not special. However, what makes a day like Cassie and Mike’s so special are the people involved who gather around them and acknowledge the depth of love it takes for two like-minded people to commit to each other forever. All the little details from their wedding day will continue to sing on in my mind because of how impactful and honest they all were.

Cassie and Mike, it was one of the greatest honors of my career to shoot your little wedding on a mountain outside Huntsville, Alabama. I wish you both every single happiness together.

Below are some of my favorites from the day. Enjoy. <3