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I PROMISED myself this year that I would blog more stories of our little life together – our personal life. For those following this blog that aren’t in the know yet – I have an adorable husband – Robbin – and even more adorable, precocious, hilarious toddler – Grey. It’s been a while since I’ve featured anything about them on my website, but here we are. Today we went to Hunter’s Tree Farm out in Milton, GA to get our Christmas tree. This is our 4th year buying from Hunter’s; they’re the BEST. I know it’d be so much easier to get a fake, pre-lit tree, but I just can’t get over how wonderful having a live tree is. IT. SMELLS. AMAZING. And it makes me feel so nostalgic for the Christmases we had growing up. Grey had a pretty good time at the tree farm, but I think he had even more fun as we brought the tree inside and started unpacking all our Christmas decorations. He even “helped” Robbin put the lights on the tree, which was hilarious but definitely means my sweet husband deserves a medal for his patience.

For you guys without kids, Christmas with toddlers is FUN. Every year it’s a totally different experience as he’s grown up SO much in the year since the last holiday season. Grey will turn 2 a week before Christmas, which basically means that this year’s events feel totally new and exciting for him. Last year he was mesmerized by the lights; this year he was fascinated by the little Christmas village we unbox each year. I know I’m such a mush, but I can’t even describe how it warmed my heart to see Grey participating in these events today with such enthusiasm and wonder that my husband and I have shared together for 10 years.

In typical fashion, I took literally over 1,000 photos today. Here are some of my favorites. <3



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I love how you tell a story here! Every photo is amazing by themselves, but together they’re even more wonderful!!


You have an amazing little family, looks like you guys had a
great time!!!


Oh my goodness these are so adorable. It makes me wish we had a winter Christmas one year not a sweltering hot one (in Australia) ?


Omgoooooodness. These are just the sweetest! You have such an adorable little family.

Holly A Castillo

I love how warm and rich these are! They look like old family photos- in a perfect way!


Great pictures Kevin! Have a wonderful Christmas


These are wonderful. Such sweet memories and your boy is adorable!

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