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If you’re a follower of my blog here, you’ll know that I gush an extra special amount when I show off LGBTQ+ weddings. Having had one of those weddings myself, I always feel such a special tug at my heart during the weddings. For those of us queer folks who are getting married now, we remember what it was like to wonder if we would ever have the honor and the joy to marry our forever love. And now that we can, every LGBTQ+ wedding just feels so intentional and love-filled. Because they know and get how special it is to have the ability to marry.
One of the reasons I booked Andrew and Jeremy’s wedding was because they had inquired with other photographers who had turned them down because they are an LGBTQ+ couple. While I was happy to take them on just because of how great they are (trust me, they are such cool people that I even brought my husband to their wedding so we could all become bffs), taking them on as clients made me feel even more firm in my mission to continue to educate photographers on not just the importance of being inclusive, but the harm they deal out when they’re not. When you look at these photos you see a normal couple– they love each other and they hold on to one another with the same trust and wanting-to-be-together-forever embrace the same way every other couple does. As much as I wish I didn’t have to continue to fight for the truth that #loveislove I will continue on because of couples like Andrew and Jeremy who just wanted to begin this new chapter of their lives together with a public declaration of their love and commitment.
When you look at these images, I hope you see what I see a couple who is madly in love with each other. A couple who will have their share of ups and downs, arguments over who left the dirty dishes, and who laugh together at the silliest things. I hope you see a couple who just wanted to celebrate their love like every other couple who has been wed. I hope you see yourself and your partner in each image and remember that the hashtag #loveislove is not just a trendy movement. It’s a call to action and to realize that couples like Andrew and Jeremy – like me and my husband – are just made up of humans who love each other and wish to have that same dignity and respect.
Andrew and Jeremy, thank you for letting me photograph your wedding; it was truly an honor to be a small part of your journey into marriage.
PS. Make sure you’re all looking out for the photos of their ADORABLE furry babies who made their own sweet cameos in the wedding day.
Musical Artist: Darby Willcox
Musical Artist: Kelly Jo
Hair Stylist for Andrew: Brooke Lau
Hair Stylist for Jeremy: Lawrence Andon
Attire for Andrew: Brook’s Brothers
Attire for Jeremy: Les Cline Clothiers & Brook’s Brothers
(Press play to hear their wedding song while you enjoy their wedding photos.)



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