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Mecedez and Gia got married at the Solarium in Atlanta, GA on a beautiful, rainy day. Four minutes into their ceremony the skies opened up, and everyone got soaked. On top of that, the power in the whole venue went out! Everyone inside was in the dark! The hope during wedding planning is obviously that the weather cooperates and stays beautiful. However, from my perspective, I wouldn’t change the details of their wedding story for anything. One of my favorite moments of the day was when the wedding party ran inside, was drying off and reseting, and when Mercedez and Gia had this really intimate, sweet moment alone together in the dark. When the ceremony started back up inside, everyone was wet and laughing and huddled all around together. The feeling of love and family in that room was palpable, and I KNOW Mercedez and Gia felt it.

I can’t describe how much I adore these two lovers. They’re both beautiful people, and they deserve each other and all of the joy they’ll find in their lives together.

VENUE: The Solarium

COORDINATORS: Peachy Keen Coordinators(Courtney Guthrie)

CAKE: Cake Hag

DRESS: David’s Bridal

MAKEUP: Nicole Matta

And I’d like to say a super, humongous thanks to my second shooter and friend, River West.


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Elle Golden

This entire post + images are STUNNING. I love all the emotion and candid moments. The rain and laughter, the moving images/gif of the first look, the intimate embraces. All of it! I’ve had power go out during a wedding but your perspective on Mercedez and Gia’s day was BEYOND. Keep up the fab work Kevin!

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