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One afternoon not too long ago, I got a text from River West, whom I’ve jokingly referred to as my work wife for a long time. She’s an amazing photographer – way better than I am! And sometimes occasionally I have the honor of working alongside her. In her text message to me, River said that she and her precious boyfriend, Will, were planning on running to the courthouse THAT WEEK to get married and asked if I’d join them to do photos. I immediately cleared my schedule and planned to be there. (Thanks so much, mom, for coming up to Atlanta at the last minute to babysit my son for me!)

Y’all, I’ve cried at so many weddings. But on this day I REALLY cried. Words can’t express how happy I am that two such warm, amazing souls found each other and realized so quickly how perfect they are for each other. This is the kind of fairy tale love that we pray to find as kids growing up, and after spending any amount of time with River and Will, you’ll see that they belong in their own romantic comedy.

River and Will, I wish you both the very best, and I love the heck outa ya. PS. Happy Birthday, Will! <3



After getting courthouse married, we headed over to Arabia Mountain Park to do some couples photos and exchange vows. Well, River and Will exchanged vows. I cried behind my camera and tried to take photos. I’d like to also note that it was COLD COLD COLD and windier than heck. Thank goodness Will has such warm hugs and kept us from turning into ice cubes. <3



Special thanks to Robin of Rhapsody in Blooms for the GORGEOUS flowers.



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ohmygod!! so in love and i love them in their jackets so much!!!!

Heather Koepp

These are so real and raw and organic. I just love the amount of love you were able to capture. Truly inspiring work

Amanda Canton

You have such a way of capturing moments. Really. You are one that always stand out. These are fantastic. Innnn love.

Amanda Canton

I just love your style. You are such a talent.


Beautiful shots! I just love that you captured the whole day. Such emotion!


wow oh wow. The emotion!!!! The joy, the tears! I would have been crying too because these images already are making me a little teary-eyed. You truly captured them, and their love. I’m so happy for them. By the end of this, I was so invested I forgot I didn’t know the couple. Amazing job.

Wow thank you so much! It was such a special day!


wow!! i love your work so much! they way you capture details and moments is truly a gift!


Ohhh!!! I love how happy they are & their little adventure at the end (: This is soo, so sweet.


Oh my gosh! These are so beautiful. My brother and his fiancé just eloped last weekend and these make me so sad that I wasn’t able to be there to capture it for them. The look absolute happy and in love, stunning!

rebecca burt

These are so sweet and intimate!


I’m not crying! You’re crying! Seriously, these are amazing and so emotional!


Omg!!! I love this so much!! Such beautiful work and your captures are amazing!

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