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Whenever it rains – and I mean POURS – here in Georgia,  I always think about that scene in The Notebook where Allie and Noah get caught in a torrential downpour. As soon as it starts raining she tries to cover her head to protect herself from the rain as Noah laughs at her. She finally decides it’s useless, laughs, and tosses her coverup. I won’t spoil it for you folks who’ve never seen the movie (AND IF YOU HAVEN’T, FINISH READING THIS BLOG POST AND THEN IMMEDIATELY GO WATCH IT, YOU BAD PERSON YOU), but the scene escalates and Allie and Noah find themselves lost in the moment kissing in the rain in what is probably one of the most romantic and iconic movie kisses EVER. If you don’t know me very well, I’ll go ahead and tell you that I am GIGANTIC mush when it comes to sappy love stories. It’s definitely the reason I’m drawn to shooting weddings and telling love stories and why I’m using a by book by Nicholas Sparks to set up this blog post.

So, back to the rain. Every time we have a big thunderstorm here, I daydream about recreating a moment like the one in that movie. A moment where the couple is just so swept away with each other that they don’t even notice the rain or the fact that they’re soaking wet. This weekend after I noticed the weather report of 90% chance of thunderstorms ALL DAY on Sunday, I put out a call on Facebook for a couple who’d be willing to run about in the rain and love on each other. The only requirement I ever have for couples photos is that the couple love the heck out of each other. I found Sarah and Tyler, a young married couple, and boy were they perfect. I met them in the charming Marietta Square. Because of the rain, we had most of the square to ourselves. It was so adorable and romantic. Thank you to those two for sharing their love with me, even with the chilly rainy weather. We only shot together for about 30 minutes, but what we made in that time was magic.

Make sure you scroll all the way through to find the train GIF, which may be my favorite I’ve ever made!

Special thanks to Ziplock for keeping my camera safe from the rain. ??




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